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I gave my heart, loyalty & love to the King when I was 13. I’m 25 now & I’ve followed Him ever since. He’s been just, He’s been strong, He’s corrected me many times when I was wrong but I have never met anyone who comes close to being as kind. Some are captured by fame, others by wealth, for me those were appealing but His Kingdom offered something else....It offered all of Himself!


Core Values
“The Pillars Of VRN Can be summed up by these values. Its By them that everything is shaped & that we march forward into our greatest days yet.

  • Identity In Christ

  • Salvation

  • Kingdom Pride

Revealing the glory of God to the world through his sons & Daughters.

Mission Statement

Through the beauty of music and preaching the Gospel we will shed light on lies of the enemy and sow seeds of truth.By faith signs & Wonders will follow us and the gates of hell will not prevail.


Identity Statement

 Sonship is the entry point to the armies of the living God.Here at Vycroy Nation,Who we are is important but whose we are is even more vital. A small tribe might fend off enemies of hundreds, but a nation will put tens of thousands to flight.We are one kingdom,sons and daughters who reign under the King of kings.Wherever we go there lies his presence and restoration that travels far and wide.


I'm looking to help bring much-needed relief to children and families living in poverty who have been impacted by COVID-19. And I'd like to invite you along in the journey!


Did you know that this crisis has the potential to undo at least 10 years of progress toward poverty alleviation in developing countries? 


This prediction is heartbreaking. But, I refuse to let it become a reality. Together, with your support, I am partnering with Compassion to equip the local church across the globe to provide immediate relief—like desperately needed food, housing security and hygiene supplies—to the most vulnerable communities among us. Through the  COVID-19 fund, Compassion is seeking to help restore what COVID-19 has destroyed through urgent provision of critical needs like: 


  • Food kits with rice, eggs, meat, milk and non-perishables

  • Medical care

  • Housing support like rent relief

  • Hygiene supplies like sanitizer, soap, vitamins and supplements, household cleaning supplies and protective masks.


Will you join me in helping restore what COVID-19 has destroyed for those in poverty?


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